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Amy Tong

Wow! 19 years of homeschooling!? I really admire your love and patient to do that. I thought of home schooling my kids...but I know I don't have the patient.

I agree with you on not insisting the kids to wear certain outfits. My girl is the picky one, when she decided to wear something, that's it. My son is really easy though and would wear whatever I give him. :P It's amazing to see how different they are in personality.


Hi Amy, Thanks for visiting. You are so right - they are all unique and isn't that wonderful! Raising children is what takes the patience. Homeschooling is just another journey. Have a great day.

Kumar's Kitchen

we are so happy to learn from all these points in the post,you are a loving mom....only love and care can make 19 years of home schooling and proper self development of each and every child perfectly possible...thanks for sharing such valuable info :-)


It really is a wild and wonderful experience. I will continue to post the remaining 18 points over the next few weeks. So nice to see your here!


so timely! I was googling homeschooling and came to your lovely blog and had to admit, just last week we headed out to dinner with my 3 girls wearing matching gymboree dresses! My eldest is 7 so I kind of figured she wouldn't let me do that for too much longer

so funny! I must admit that my eldest now doesn't want to wear dresses and I'm going with it....she does like to wear skirts so I'm grateful for that but I'm realising she's learning what she likes and doesn't like.....


Hi Corrie, I'm glad you found me! It is amazing how quickly they get minds of their own. We just need to coax it in the right direction. I have battled silly things over the years that really didn't need to be battled. You live and learn!

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