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Monica Jacobson

I've been going back through the backlog of your tips, and I was surprised (perhaps I shouldn't have been) that my parents and you shared a very similar School plan. Calculadder, Mavis Beacon, daily piano, we did Saxon Math rather than Abeka, though Marty's parents did dabble with Abeka. I've stared my boys on Saxon 1 and 2, and they absolutely love it. It's extremely comprehensive.

We're also doing the "Story of the World" for history, which is a great overview to revisit every few years. The boys find it as interesting as a story book, which helps.

All that aside, I will definitely take your advice to heart -- and if you're on top of things, you have the benefit of being extremely encouraged when your kids are at or ahead of their grade, and are suitably chastised and encouraged to work harder if they're behind.


Monica, I am so excited that you and Marty have started working with your boys. You are using terrific material. Your parents instilled a love for homeschooling in you. It will be a wonderful experience for you and your family because of your dedication and heart. Keep me posted as you travel down the wild wonderful world of homeschooling! ~Kathy

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