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These pictures are stunning. I can attest that Mark and I still depend on our "flexible routine" to get stuff done . . . we'd be lost without those structure pillars in our day and week!

thyme (sarah)

My kids too have thrived on a set routine. We used to take Friday's off when they were younger. We would meet with our homeschool group and just lose ourselves in play. Unfortunately, when high school hit, we needed that Friday. My son can't last through summer and craves a schedule of some sort. This summer, we went ahead and started school in July and then took time off late in August! I think lacking in organizational skills would be such a challenge for someone in the homeschool world. I am an organized person but I do have to push myself to stay that way! It is indeed a challenge! Glad to read about someone else's homeschooling world!


Sarah, Your right. It is a challenge to stay organized with school at home. I know sometimes I just want a break! But the alternative isn't too pretty. Don't you love changing up your schedule? That is one of the perks of homeschooling. Your son sounds self motivated and that makes everything so much easier.

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