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Several years ago, I followed a blog another blog titled Bona Vita. It was maintained by a lovely, photography loving woman named Kathy. I remember a meme titled Photographic Friday and amazing stories about family. I stopped blogging when I became pregnant with my third child. I ended up here via Twitter:) f you are indeed the same Kathy, I am THRILLED beyond words to *see* you online again! I LOVED your blog!


Hi Andrea! Yes, we were "blog friends" a few years back. I stopped blogging in about 2009 and started again several months ago. The seasons of life insist we be flexible with our activities. I would love to hear what is up in your life. Thanks for stopping by!


Yay! So happy to see you again. We stopped blogging at about the same time. Now that I've gotten used to being mom of 3, I can do a bit more now. A new season is here) I'll be following you once again! God bless you Kathy!


That sure is a beautiful sky!! I love stew, and we eat it summer and winter. So you guys get snow in the winter?

Kumar's Kitchen

soulful,hearty and comforting stew...just perfect for curing an ugly cold,thanks :-)

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