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prince snow farm

These images have put me in the holiday spirit!


I just realized Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away! I think I'll be able to finish decorating now. Thanks for stopping by.

Mrs. Smythe

I think your iPhone photos are beautiful! And those pancakes look fabulous. I may have to give those a try.


Thank you, Mrs. Smythe. The pancakes were so good. My daughter was in Korea this past summer and she said they are sold all over as "street food" similar to a taco truck here!


These look so yummy and warm! They make me want to bake.

~Emily from The Orange Slate


The first photo would make a great Christmas card! Why won't you guys be back until a few days before Christmas, what am I missing?
I decorate my house on the first of December and not a second before. I will be using the next few weeks to spring clean, yes spring here Down Under, then take it easy in December. I LOVE Christmas decorating!!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

You did a fantastic job decorating and I am so impressed with your photography. And what great pancakes.

Your decorating early reminded me of the winter we came back north just for Christmas and left the decorations up 'cause we were in a hurry to leave. It sure seems funny to walk into a house in April to find Santa Claus and decorations still in place :)

Kumar's Kitchen

Such a beautiful decoration for the celebrations...looks creative and glorious...and those pancakes look perfect...HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!! :-)


Spring...ahhh...as we are waiting for the snow! Our home is in northern Michigan but we work and complete most of our school in Indiana. We have been up here for a week and I don't think I will get back up to decorate until right before Christmas. So, I needed to get the majority of it done this week. I've been able to do an "ok" job. The kids are happy with it so that is what counts! I think the 1st of December is perfect to start decorating. Have fun spring cleaning! P.S I usually really enjoy decorating. It's just too early.


Thank you, Sam! I've tried to get into the spirit. The early snow fall has helped!


Thank you! The pancakes turned out much better than we expected and were so easy.

Amy Tong

those are some nice pictures....totally love the view. The decoration are so lovely. :) And can't wait to try the pancakes.

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